Smart Thermal Management

Learn how ThermoIQ can help you with cooling and temperature control of your electrical cabinets for automation and your medical or industrial laser equipment, protecting electronic devices from overtemperature damage and optimizing their performance.

ThermoIQ is the first technical consulting and technology procurement consulting company for Thermal Management special applications.

We help companies overcome challenges in temperature control through the use of precision, miniaturized and innovative cooling systems.

Unlike other approaches, the ThermoIQ consulting model allows the optimal cooling solution for the Customer's specific project to be analytically and objectively identified and acquired through a method that combines Technical Know-How, External Innovation, and Strategic Sourcing.

ThermoIQ Application Areas

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Air conditioning systems for automation and control cabinets.

Suitable for operation in harsh environmental conditions: outdoor installations, dirty and dusty environments, high ambient temperatures.

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Cooling solutions for medical laser systems, aesthetic laser and electromedical equipment.

Where the characteristics of reliability, quiet operation, compactness and precision in temperature control count.

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Cooling solutions for innovative industrial laser systems (marking, welding, soldering).

Where the characteristics of reliability, efficiency, smallest footprint and accuracy in temperature control count.

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Get clarity and transparency on what matters

Our Technical Consultancy first allows you to fully understand the critical aspects of your thermal management application and then identify the optimal cooling solution for your specific project.

Never again procurement advices for cooling and temperature control systems without proper prior and objective thermal analysis. 

Clarity of the problem first.

Procurement Consulting

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Explore the Smart Purchase model and understand how to acquire the cooling solution best suited to the specific needs of your thermal management application.

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"Quick and comprehensive support!"

I have worked with Stefano Tavolo of ThermoIQ on several cooling projects for outdoor ground stations.
He has always provided me with quick and comprehensive support in the technology choices for different cooling and temperature control solutions, devoting attention to the specific project requirements.

Stefano Frasca
System Architect/Engineering (Alidaunia)

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