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The Big Challenge

We help designers and manufacturers of automation and control cabinets to choose the optimal air conditioning system that can keep the enclosures internal temperature under control and protect electronic components from damage caused by overtemperature; all without complicating the Customer's electrical systems.

The designer of electrical panels for automation and control has a major technological challenge ahead: safeguarding the expensive electronic devices from potential overtemperature failures, maximizing their useful life, optimizing their performance and, at the same time, balancing innovation with project-imposed budget constraints. 

The Risks

Uncontrolled increase of the enclosures internal temperature can lead to overheating of electronic components.

The consequences are an immediate decrease of electronic devices performance and a significant reduction of electrical panel operational life.

1. Performance decrease

Overheating of components can adversely affect the performance of electronics, leading to measurement and processing errors, data transmission delays or communication breakdowns, which can affect the automation and management of Customer systems.

2. Increased risk of failure

Excessive and prolonged overheating of electronic components significantly increases the risk of failure within the panel itself.

The Consequences

Typical consequences of inadequate temperature control.

Increased on-site assistance interventions

Need to handle on-site technical support, often under difficult conditions. Interfacing with technical support is never easy, especially if the installation site is in remote or difficult-to-access locations.

Extra costs for breakdowns and plant downtime

Risk of incurring unbudgeted additional costs for on-site service intervention, in addition to lost revenue from a production plant shutdown. All this leads to increased costs for the entire project.

Always reactive (and not proactive) approach

Meeting planned project schedules and costs can become very complex. Working under continuous emergency urgency takes time and attention away from engineering resources with a view to innovation and improvement.

Our Goals

Goal 1

Implementing efficient, reliable and innovative temperature control

The first goal is to ensure that the technology and components selected for the cabinet air conditioning system are efficient, reliable and suitable for operation under the specific design conditions (outdoor installation, dusty environments, high temperatures, etc.) with minimal maintenance requirements.

Provide, already at the design stage, cooling solutions based on innovative and eco-friendly technologies is also a competitive advantage for the electrical cabinet manufacturer in its target market.
Our Goals

Goal 2

Ensuring easy integration of the cooling system into the electrical panel

In order to bring real benefits to the project, the cooling system must be high-performance, reliable and, above all, it must be easy to integrate into the Customer's electrical panel and system, without adding complications in the design stage and in the assembly and installation phase.
Our Goals

Goal 3

Maximizing the electrical panel operational life

Provide, already at the design stage, a high-performance and reliable cooling system, allows to increase the service life of the electronic components installed inside the control cabinet.

This means reducing the number of extraordinary maintenance tasks and reducing project operation costs. At the same time, more efficient management of the project itself is ensured. 

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